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Recently, I had the privilege of working with Rozanna Wyatt of Wyatt Leadership IQ who is a consultant / speaker for business leaders and corporations.  She was seeking to create a brand for her business that spoke to her clientele.  In addition, she wanted to emote a premium sexy brand.  She cited brands like Apple, Tiffany’s, Nike as inspiration.  To me, looking at those brands means exploring a less is more approach.  To choose the fonts and colours carefully because it is the small details that matter as there is very little being used to speak the message.

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I always start with finding inspiration.  I usually use Pinterest to keep these images handy. (when I am working on a client, I keep the board secret).

Here is a the mood board for Wyatt Leadership IQ:


While we were working through ideas for WLIQ, we stumbled through the process. As Rozanna stated, she didn’t feel it was speaking to her. While we went through a few rounds of concepts, she ultimately came back to one we created in the first round.  She stated, I created exactly what she was looking for.  Often I find if clients haven’t worked on a brand before, they do not trust their gut.  They have an idea what their business is about, who they want to attract & what makes them shine.  Then, when you put it in a visual form, they are unsure.  They ask everyone & they flip flop.  Sometimes, it is a matter of weeding out what they don’t want before finding what they do want or in this case, the client did research on her own about branding and realized, what I produced was an exact match.  Another obstacle clients can face is when they are only viewing the logo and not the entire package of cards, materials & a website, it is hard to see the full vision.  Communication and trust are important in this process.

Here are a few examples of other logos that are left on the cutting room floor:


So What is Wyatt Leadership IQ?

Wyatt Leadership IQ is a premium brand that speaks to Corporate Leaders & Entrepreneurs. She offers services in consulting and speaking engagements. She wanted a timeless look and was pulled towards the colour blue as it speaks to corporations and also reflected a personal brand.  I partnered it with a gray rather then a black to keep a more subtle contrast. Black made it a bit too harsh & ultimately starts to look cut & paste (what I call designs created in word documents & their 5 colour spectrum choices).

The Reveal: Wyatt Leadership IQ

Woodshop Brand Guide

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