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Joyride Branding (formerly Lipstick Sky Marketing) contracted Shift Designs to work on the graphic design for Shaughnessy Golf Club.

The club is in a unique position in that their land lease is ending in the near future however, they are still driving to lure new members every year.  Unlike other clubs in Vancouver that offer Tennir or Golf, Shaughnessy offers both for their members atop their picturesque location.

The object of the re design was to not only give a face lift to the website and there by continuing to stay competitive against competitors like Jericho and Point Grey (both designed by us) but they also wanted a member dashboard functionality that included: signing up for lessons, tracking scores & leaderboards, making reservations & staying up to date on events.  Like almost every membership club in North America, we used Jonas Software to help develop the membership platform needed to fit their requirements.

Shaughnessy is unique in both its offerings and in its location so we wanted to capture that distinction by grabbing the viewers attention with a video when you first land on their home page.

Client: Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club      Agency: Joyride Branding      Developer:  Jonas Club Software

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