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Joyride Branding (formerly Lipstick Sky Marketing) is a studio that I have partnered with many times over the years. In this case, they were seeking to give their brand a facelift. In addition to changing their name, they required a new logo & website.  I crafted the look and feel of the logo and website.

The website is an incredibly important marketing tool for the company.  It not only showcases their portfolio items but gives insight to how they work, and who they are.   The approach included mapping out where we can add motion to help elevate the design.

Intuitive, talented, reliable, and passionate—that’s Leanne and Shift Designs. I’ve worked with Leanne for over 10 years on multiple successful projects, and I continue to be impressed by her ability to dial into a brand’s essence and bring it to life in visual mediums. From concept through the umpteen details to launch, I always know she will deliver.

Susie Dore’, Brand Strategist – Joyride Branding

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