I recently completed a design project for Vancouver’s Prestigious Jericho Tennis Club.  I helped overhaul their website, marketing materials + branding collateral.  Here are the results



Oh. My.God.

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I have been busy! and it has been good. I have been fortunate to work on some fantastic projects in the recent weeks.  Well, I make it sound as though it is the recent weeks but really… some of these have been brewing for MONTHS. However not 1 .. not 2 but 3 websites have launched whilst working out on 3 other websites (hopefully to launch soon) and a brand.

BOOM. that’s how you end the year.

Anyways, the fruits of my labours are finally ready for viewing.. I want to start with a BIG one.  This one is on par with Point Grey Golf Club.  I worked with Lipstick Sky Marketing on yet another Vancouver Based Club: Jericho Tennis Club.

Touted as the prettiest club in North America, Jericho Tennis Club is situated on the water of Burrard Inlet and has breathtaking views of the Water, Mountains and yes… the Beach.

As they were entering their Centennial Year of operation, Jericho was looking for an updated look to their Branded Materials: Website, Corporate ID, Membership Package, Catering Package, Newsletter, E-news & Menus.

The inspiration for the review was what it was known for… the view around it.  We held a photo shoot (yes, those are the same 4 people in most of those photos) to highlight the many facets to the club but to strongly highlight the club’s 4 main areas: Tennis, Squash, Fitness & Aquatics.  So while planning for the photo shoot, the question that was begged: How do you market 4 distinct areas under one Brand.  As each of these areas is of prominence and is required to be represented on all of the materials. So we developed a ‘Marine Glass’ Colour Palette and combined that with the already existing colours of the logo (Black & Gold).  We wanted a serene, effect with this Brand. We wanted to create a sense of arrival and let the photos over take you.  Take a look…

JTC-brand reveal


There are more examples of the brand build in my portfolio. I would love to hear what you think!  So please leave your comments below. Is there a particular thing you like? what would you change? (be nice please), or perhaps you know of another example that is hitting it out of the park.


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