There are many factors into assessing a cost of a logo: Who is designing, what kind of icon you want to use if any and the end use.  So what should you be spending on your branding project?

People will often ask at a party, what I would charge for that. I usually hesitate not because I do not know how much it costs but how do you explain in a one word answer the value that comes with your service?

Any designer worth their weight would not just dump a logo onto their client. Usually when a designer does that, it indicates inexperience or lack of professionalism.

A brand begins with a logo & therefore there are many things to be considered and that starts with the client. A couple of the questions that are considered include:

What is your company?
What are your values?
What differentiates you from your competition?

When you design a logo, you are creating a blueprint for the rest of the materials to fall in place. As I was once told, a logo is the story, and the rest of the materials like brochures, cards, websites tell that story..

When I work with a client. I never take the business name and disappear for a week only to present a design that you are not that impressed with. However, a lot of these cheaper sites do just that. You spend 250 on a design, wait 48 hours & have a design presented without any consideration to who you and your business are. I have on a number of occasions worked with clients that tried this approach first, only to be disappointed and have to restart. Which in turn results in spending 2x the amount they initially budgeted.

When I work with a client, I create a brand brief where upon we analyze who you are through a series of questions and/or creating mood boards.

As a result, I create several concepts (sometimes with variations) for the client to assess. I have created concepts we can discuss. To see what is working, what is not working. This may result in narrowing down the logos, refining or re-working. Usually major edits happen at this stage. The next stage is followed by taking 1 or 2 of the logos that were working and refining them. Perhaps at this stage, we have played with colour variations, or font types. As I’m visual, I need to see what I’m working with to make a full decision.

When I present the final logo, the client receives a logo kit (includes: ai, eps, pdf, jpg, png files in both colour, pantone & black & white). As well, a logo brand book which outlines what colours are used, when to use the different formats & when to use the corporate colours (pantone vs cmyk vs rgb) and perhaps some fonts are outlined.

When you are setting your budget for design, the question that should be asked: what are you expecting for your money? Do you need an out of the box answer as a band aid solution for now or do you want a customized visual that represents those questions you have spent so much time finding solutions for.

Know your budget & find a designer that will work with you.  If you are interested in working with me, we could set up a discovery call to assess your needs.  I want to work with you.