We believe everyone deserves great design.  A strong brand tells a story and the marketing pieces help relay that story.

We are passionate on delivering on our promise which is to align your brand with your visual representation.  We know when you feel confident, you can accomplish anything.  We help you connect your business create a brand that reflects your individuality and highlights your unique gifts.

Who is Leanne Gillespie?

Leanne Gillespie is the founder and creative director behind Shift Designs and brings over 20 years of design experience to the table.

She works with mostly small business owners and other freelancers to create unique one of a kind designs with a focus on branding. Creating a strong brand is more then making a pretty icon but defining a client with an accurate visual representation. It may not sound snazzy, but a great brand design can last a company’s lifetime. Creating something that will hold up to the test of time is a unique challenge, and which she’s always up for.

Leanne is a successful Designer that has worked with national brands such as Future Shop & Fatburger.  She runs a popular networking group and lives in downtown Vancouver her husband and loveable dog, Lionel.

Benefits to working with me….

Work with someone who GETS you
From our first meeting (be it skype or face to face), I get to know exactly who your customer is
and the big vision you have your business.

Take FAST ACTION on your ideas
Just share your idea and then leave it to me while you come up with your next big idea.

Achieve the sleek professional look 
Whenever people come across your brand there’s a confidence and consistency that positions you as expert. The one others admire and strive to be like.

Work with someone who can meet you where you’re at RIGHT NOW 
You might just be stepping out in the big business world with your idea. Or perhaps you’ve been at a while and caught the magical wave of momentum that’s pulling you forward at a fierce rate. Either way, I’m ready to support you and help take your business to the next level.

Free up time to do more of what you love
No more hours spent in Photoshop trying to do it all yourself only to be less than satisfied with the result. Having me in your team lets you focus your energy and talents on doing what you love and what will grow your business.

Focus on your BIG vision
Now you can spend time on your business, not in it. You can plan that trade fair, attend the conference, plan your next offering and go to those networking events you always seen to miss.

Gain momentum and feel safe knowing you have support
I’m here in the wings ready to take your idea and make it a reality.Relax and take comfort in knowing there’s no commitment. It’s a win win. You’ve now got your own in-house designer but without the commitment or paperwork that comes with hiring staff and being a boss.

What do you think? Want to work together?

Contact me today to see what magic we can create.  Still not sure?  Check out examples of my work in my Portfolio.