Project Description

Woodshop Girl

Woodshop Girl

In the beginning of the year, I partnered up with a friend, Amy Savoie, who is by trade a carpenter.  (She is also a furniture designer, house flipper, mom, wife and artist… )  However, her main focus/job is carpentry work.   Me like most women, find this fact fascinating… For one reason, I do not know a lot of female carpenters.  The second reason, I wish I had these skills. So knowing a woman who is so engaging & loves art and home design as much as me, makes it easy to talk to, ask questions and learn from Amy.

She gets told often “I wish I had learned those skills” from many women. So in effort to bring these skills to the many women out there, Amy approached me to help her with her passion project: Woodshop Girl.  A website dedicated to teaching, inspiring & sharing the tips, tricks & helpful hints to build on your own.


So what is Wooodshop Girl?

Fundamentally, Woodshop Girl is just that.. wood but more importantly designing out of wood. I had brainstormed several ideas but none of them would land.  So I managed to design a logo out of not just wood but a way to present it that is turned on its side.  Not all the rings are present. I use the contrast of fonts to illustrate the contrast further. I always start my designs in black & white because a good logo should stand alone in 1 colour.  So what I love about this logo is that the colours add to the design and are perfect for the esthetic.

Ultimately, I chose a logo that would fit into a square format as most social media platforms require a profile picture to be as such.

Who’s Involved

Client: Woodshop Girl

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