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Meet Leanne…

I’m one of the few people out there that can say that they are a born & raised in Vancouver, and while in Vancouver, I began my design career in 2000 after graduating from the Graphic & Visual Design Program from Kwantlen University College.

Having entered the workforce on the heels of the dotcom implosion, I found myself working contract after contract in everything from big corporate companies to boutique Marketing agencies.  I found an agency that I loved working with and rose through the ranks. What they had that the others hadn’t were exciting clients & inspiring work. It was here I really honed my brand building skills.

When the agency took a turn in a different direction,  I took the inspiration and began my freelance business in 2008 and haven’t looked back.  I have grown a lot and tried many things; I have dabbled in various areas from custom wedding stationary, event promotion and threw myself into the networking scene both through BNI  (serving as Director with the group)  and served on the Board of Vancouver AM as their PR Director.

Today I work with mostly small business owners and other entreprenuers to create unique one of a kind design with a focus on branding.  Creating a strong brand is more then making a pretty icon but defining a client with an accurate visual representation. It may not sound snazzy, but a great brand design can last a company’s lifetime. Creating something that will hold up to the test of time is a unique challenge, and which I’m always up for.



[quote title=”Testimonial” Text=”Leanne’s expertise caught my eye when I needed a new design for my company’s business cards as well as a logo that would embody all that my brand represents.” name=”Mick Lolekonda” name_sub=”Real Life Mechanics”] [distance1]